The Helsinki Island Series 2 – Lauttasaari

My next island is Lauttasaari, an island with a name that wasn’t easy for me to spell in the beginning. It has gotten easier with learning Finnish a bit!

Lauttasaari (“Drumsö” in Swedish) is part of Helsinki and located about 5 km from the city centre. There was supposed to be a new metro station opening in August 2016, but it’s not finished yet. You can take buses from Kamppi (since 15th of August): 20X, 21BX and all the T-marked Espoo buses go through the island. They stopped some lines, though, because of the metro line that didn’t open in the end. From the beginning of next year – 2017- (the latest) you should be able to take the metro.

Lauttasaari has very nice beaches, walking and running routes. There is two beaches that we went to, one located at Merikylpylän puisto (Sjöbadsparken) or Kasinonranta, the other one is at Lauttasaaren Ulkoilupuisto (with a lot of small cottages).

My pictures are from Kasinonranta beach. There is a café (Facebook), toilets, a pirate ship for kids to play on and a lot of space to sit. There is also a volleyball and a basketball court. At places, it’s not nice to sit on the grass since the geese are everywhere. Last time I went to the beach there were also lots of Pokémon Go players! The café looks very inviting, we had brought ice cream from the supermarket, so we didn’t go.







Walk to Lauttasaaren Ulkoipuisto


Another tip in Lauttasaari for people that love thrift shops is the second-hand store in Gyldénintie (should be this one: Emmaus), it’s a bit hidden (behind the building) but it’s totally worth going to. I found very nice, inexpensive pieces. The staff is also friendly.

There is also a nice café in Heikkiläntie 10 (Makers Kahvila Facebook) that sells good coffee. They also sell bags (there is even a flea market once a month on the upper floor we’ve been told) and books.

On Lauttasaarentie 32 there is an interesting (and funny!) pub called Pikku Katti (Facebook). It’s small and there is a computer with a printer. You can sit outside (not that nice when we went there, because of construction – it will be next to the new metro station/mall). We tried to find out the origin of the name (“little cat”) but failed. Maybe someday we will know.

I’ve seen a woman carrying a Lauttasaari Fan bag in Kamppi, which I found funny and cute. It said “We love Lauttasaari” and is by Plume Story. Unfortunately, their web page ( was offline when I tried to access it. (I will keep you updated on that matter)

Lauttasaari is definitely worth a visit (or two!)!


Rainbow at Kasinonranta Beach




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