Helsinki City Museum

This post is going to be (as the title suggests) about our visit to the re-opened Helsinki City Museum. It’s located in Aleksanterinkatu 16, very close to the main harbour and Helsinki Cathedral. This is their Official Website and the entrance is completely free, which is nice.

We went there in the middle of August. If you want to see the “Museum of Broken Relationships” that I will be talking about now, you should be quick because it is only open until the 11th of September.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is located on the top floor, and we started our tour there. People have brought objects (clothes, toys, cooking equipment,…) to the museum and shared a story with each piece. How the relationship started, what the displayed object meant to the couple and finally how the relationship ended. It was very interesting to see, but also gave you a feeling of melancholy. Some were funny, some were fierce. The descriptions are written in English, you could get a booklet with Finnish and Swedish descriptions.



Next, we went to Helsinki Bites, where it was very cool to see the past of the city. There are also plenty of things to play with: you could sit in an old-fashioned living room or dress up as people from the last century. They made it interesting and also fun. If going with kids, they will also enjoy it. There are also plenty of maps, showing Helsinki now and then. Most of the descriptions are also offered in English, just the recordings you could listen to in the phone box were in Finnish.




The next area (on the first and second floor, if I remember correctly) was the Children’s Town, made with a lot of love. Children were very much enjoying the old school classes, the toys to play with and a puppet theater. I suggest taking your children, nephews and nieces, small brothers and sisters there. We went without children, but still liked looking at the old school place and toys from past times. We were wondering what museums would put there hundreds of years from now. Maybe tablets and hoverboards!


On the ground floor, at last, there was a photography exhibition, with a big photograph from Helsinki harbour in the beginning of the 20th century. There is also a small museum shop and a café (that is a wine bar in the evening!). Right at the entrance is the Time Machine, a place where you can use Oculus Glasses (Virtual Reality; in 3D) to see both the old and new Helsinki and have a direct comparison between them. It’s a new feeling with those glasses because it’s almost like you were really there!


I really enjoyed my time there, the museum is made with love and you can see it. Also that it’s free of charge is a big plus and it teaches you a lot about the history of Helsinki.




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