Hiking In (Lower) Austria

So I went on a hike this September (about two weeks ago) in Lower Austria, to be more exact at Schoberalm. I took a train to Wiener Neustadt, where I got picked up and then off we went, after parking the car close to Haltberg.


Start of the hike, through nice forests


I like my country, but I find it easier to see the beauty in other countries, on my travels. It’s probably because I am used to seeing the views in Austria, all my life. Of course, I can’t see mountains every day, even if sometimes people believe that Austrians live in the mountains. I do live in a city!

When trying to see the beauty of my own country it helps to look through my camera lens. I’ve been watching the British TV show “The Hoarder Next Door” once or twice lately (just for relaxation after busy days, and yes, I’m a bit ashamed when admitting it) and in one episode the psychologist tells a hoarder to take pictures of the mess, to realise it fully. It’s a bit like that with me and Austrian views.

So, we went to Schoberalm, parked the car and hiked up. It was an easy hike most of the time, just when going up it was a bit hard. It took us 5 hours, but we had a (great!) lunch break at Öhlerschutzhaus with mushroom sauce and dumplings.




Great for refilling water bottles!


Funny looking tree in the middle of the meadow


Short break before hiking up there



From Schoberalm you can nicely see Schneeberg (“snow mountain”- not covered in snow in September!) and very far. It was a clear and warm (but not hot) day and I enjoyed it very much!



When hiking down from Öhlerschutzhaus we took a road, and I think there would have been nicer ways to walk down again (there were a few options to pick from). Still, there were some nice views, like this one:


All in all, it’s a great hike to relax a bit and get away from the city. It’s not very challenging and has amazing views. I recommend hiking in the area highly!



This is not the exact hike we did, but about the area (only partly in English): Bergfex

This link is in English and also about the area: Summitpost




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