Travel Memories – Botanical Garden, Montreal

This post is going to be about my trip to the botanical garden in Montreal (“Jardin Botanique”). I went there twice in October 2014, the day pictures are from my first, the night pictures from the second time. I think the botanical garden is very beautiful and I’d recommend everyone to go there when visiting the city. I found out online that “Gardens of Light” takes place in 2016, too: Link

If you are in or close to Montreal, you should check it out!


In the Japanese Garden


In the Chinese Garden




Exhibition about insects, also very interesting to see!



At night it even looked more amazing!


I would definitely go again if I visit Montreal once more. Judging from this link I haven’t seen all of it anyway!


3 thoughts on “Travel Memories – Botanical Garden, Montreal

  1. Amazing photos! I got the chance to visit the botanical garden when I was in Montreal and I loved it! The Japanese garden was my favourite, but they were doing some constructions, there were less decorations, like there was no boat in the pond, but it was so great anyway.

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