A Walk In The National Park Gesäuse, Austria

Hello readers!

Two days ago we went on a trip to see the (Stift) Admont Library in Styria, Austria and afterwards the national park Gesäuse, which is pretty close to Admont. The national park was beautiful, even though it was cloudy. The mountains looked amazing, the tops covered with snow in combination with the colourful trees.

First, we parked at Stift Admont and went to see the library and museums. This is their website. We paid the student entrance fee (5,80 euros), the regular entrance fee is 10 euros. We also paid for one photography ticket (5 euros), so we would be able to take photos of the library. I asked and they told me that I can’t publish those photos online (or anywhere else). The library is great to see, still. Here is a link with official photos.


Admont, church next to the monastery

After eating in Admont, at Gasthaus Kamper (Kamper restaurant), which offers warm food even after lunch time (we went there at like 3pm), we went off to the national park!

The following pictures are from our stop at the Eisenbahnbrücke, where I assume the rafting starts in summer!



There we only walked around a bit, since we were both recovering from having a cold! I’d like to go there another time, to hike properly. The map we got at the information centre in Admont showed many great trails!

We parked at the junction where you can take a right to Johnsbach (coming from Admont). There is also a rafting centre (something I’d really like to try in the area!).



We walked at the river to take photos and then went on the ‘Leierweg’, which offers benches and games (I’d recommend going there with children, they would clearly enjoy that!). It is also accessible with a wheelchair, as the sign said. It is going upwards for a longer time, though.


One of the games, we couldn’t get the ring on the poles, just from very close!


A place to relax in the woods


Colourful trees!

It ends at a very nice viewpoint and you can get water from a well on the way.


Viewpoint with hut


View from inside the hut

Then we drove to see the campsite (‘Campingplatz Forstgarten Gstatterboden’) and I decided to maybe go there some time with a group of friends and then hike in the area. In summer, of course. You can also rent a hut there, but on Friday everything was empty. The season is over, with the cold coming.


The empty campsite (it even has a beach volleyball court – on the right!)

I have to say I enjoyed being in the national park a lot. It’s very beautiful and it was a calm day, without many visitors!


National park Gesäuse


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