Travel Memories – Québec City

Almost exactly two years ago I went to Québec City. I was there once before that trip, but that time had been in summer. So Québec City in snow was a first for me!

I went with friends by car from Montreal and we stayed in a nice hostel named Auberge Maeva. Our trip lasted one weekend. I really liked seeing the city in snow and for people who like Christmas decorations, it’s a great place to go to! Québec looks even cuter in the time before Christmas.




Skating rink


A pub we went to shortly





Chateau Frontenac


Funny little restaurant building 🙂

I’m not that happy with the sky on my pictures, I hope I am better at taking photos now. Back then I had only bought a better (amateur DSLR) camera a few weeks before and was still figuring it out!

After visiting Québec we went to see the Montmorency falls, it looked amazing in snow!



After writing this post I feel two things: I’m missing Canada and I’m wishing for snow. Unfortunately, here in Austria, I might have to wait a bit longer! If you have the chance to go see Québec City in winter I suggest you give it a go, it’s really worth a visit!


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