Oulu, Finland

This winter we went from Helsinki to (Finnish) Lapland via Oulu. This was the cheapest option: we took a plane from Helsinki to Oulu, then a bus to Rovaniemi. Both times, on the way there and back, we had some hours to see Oulu. The first time it was rainy (30th of Dec 2016) and the second time (4th of Jan) it was snowy and very cold!

I liked the town, even though the second time it was windy and freezing (in my home country temperatures hardly go below -10!). I found the statue of Toripolliisi funny and cute and took many pictures of it (or him).





I think the sign says that postcards sent from the market hall next to Toripolliisi will have a stamp with him on it.

Here are some pictures of the market hall:




We had some salmon soup in the market hall (twice, actually, because it was so good!) which included (delicious) bread and butter. The price was € 7,90. The only thing I didn’t like was that you had to pay a euro for going to the bathroom, even if you were a customer.



Some more images from the area around Toripolliisi, there even was a skating rink on the market square. Some dangerously living person was biking on it.







Statue in the centre

I would definitely go back to Oulu to see more of it and have more salmon soup!



Once more Toripolliisi!




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