Hiking the Path of the Gods, Italy


I haven’t been traveling as much as I wanted this year, because I’ve been busy writing my master’s thesis. At the beginning of August I went to Italy with a friend and we did an amazing hike that I would recommend to anyone going to Amalfi Coast.

Before we went to the Amalfi coast, we did some kind of road trip (with buses) from Venice to Naples (best Pizza I’ve ever had, I tell you!) and then further to Pompeii. Pompeii was very interesting, but unfortunately we couldn’t go to Mount Vesuvius, because people weren’t allowed due to it being dangerous then. From Pompeji we went to Amalfi coast (again with buses), to the town of Agerola.

Agerola is located a bit away from the beaches (which are for example in Positano or Amalfi) but staying there was much cheaper and once you’ve figured out the bus system, it’s very easy to get around. Also we were close to the starting point of our hike. We went there in the morning to start our hike to Positano. We took some coffee and fruit from a Bomerano shop and a coffee place (we already had granola bars and water) and started the hike. The most popular route can be hiked from both sides (you can also go from Positano to Bomerano, which goes up and is harder, there will be pictures of the stairs later!), and we took the easier route. We also wanted to combine the hike with going to the beach and having lunch in Positano.



We started the hike in the morning, but not too early. It was still a bit foggy, and there were a few hikers but not tons.



It was still hot and we made some breaks along the way (including breakfast, since we had to catch the bus, but didn’t want to get up too early).





The path is well marked, but we still used the app “Agerola Experience“, which is pretty helpful and free! We had brought enough water, but there is also this water spot on the way.



After the water spot, the path got a bit more rocky, but still very doable in running shoes. Like the next picture proves!





Still foggy!





Sign at the end (or the beginning if you do it the other way round) of the hike

At the end of the hike there was a small coffee place with lots of dogs! We enjoyed sitting there very much (and having some coffee). The place is called Il Chiosco Del Sentiero Degli Dei (I linked their homepage), they also offer juices and ice cream according to their website. Some people even drank Limoncello. It was perfect to sit there after the hike and the view was amazing!




After spending some time at the coffee place, we headed down to Positano, which meant many, many stairs! We were happy we chose the easier route and didn’t have to walk them up this way. I can’t really say how long the hike took us altogether, since we had many breaks, enjoying the view and then spent a longer time at the coffee place. The website positano.com says it takes about 3 hours (Link), which seems about right!




A look back


From some spots you could see Positano very nicely. We went to a beach nearby the end of the stairs (which meant walking down more stairs) and had a nice time there. After that we went to Positano and had some more pizza!

I really enjoyed hiking the Path of the Gods. I also liked that one could choose between the easier and harder way. Maybe next time I’ll do it the other way round, starting in Positano. I suggested going back this way to my friend, but my suggestion wasn’t very well received, so we took the bus. The time at the beach was the perfect ending. I always enjoys hikes that end with swimming in the sea or a lake!


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