Golden Cape Forest Park Zlatni rt, Rovinj, Croatia

Hello readers!

Today’s post will be about our walk through the beautiful forest park of Zlatni rt in Rovinj, Croatia.

This visit was in May this year (I’ve been to busy since then to post, but there will be more recent stuff soon) and the weather was perfect. The next day, when we left, it was pouring like crazy, so we were really lucky!





On this picture you can see the city of Rovinj in the back!




It’s just so beautiful and easy to walk around. It was very hot, though, and we were looking forward to go into the water!



On this wall a lot of people were rock climbing. We walked back on top of it (there was a small path), it looked pretty cool.



Find the small crab!


Here you can see some beadlet anemones (that I found out about after some googeling).



There were so many crabs at the spot where we wanted to go swimming, so we postponed it until we got to a proper beach. I can be very scared of these small animals! And also scared that I might hurt them.


There was a small café in the park, where people relaxed. There were people also on the lawns and rocks next to the water. I always try to take pictures with as few people as possible, as I don’t like to be photographed by strangers myself, but don’t be fooled, there were people sunbathing, swimming, etc.

It was very nice, and I wanted to go running there in the next morning, but then the rain came and I wasn’t that excited anymore…

Hope you liked my little post about our walk in the forest park!



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