Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia


This is actually the re-entrance at the end of the gorge, but the picture fits the beginning also nicely!

In September my boyfriend and I visited the area of Bled in Slovenia. We stayed in a nice pension and on the second day we went for a hike in Vintgar Gorge. We went there by car and parked on the upper parking spot (the one furthest away from the gorge). There  were already tons of people, but nothing compared to when we left the gorge.

I suppose it’s very famous and after the visit I checked Instagram and found plenty of posts (I try not to sound bitter, but I’m not the biggest fan of Instagram and its fakeness). We had decided to go there because of a recommendation in the local tourist office, if I remember correctly. That, or we had found out online about it before the trip.

We visited on a Tuesday in September and it was sort of cold. I hadn’t expect that many people and it made it hard to walk sometimes, you had to wait to let people pass or wait for them to finish their picture taking (or they had to wait for me to finish, I apologize).

If one doesn’t mind the masses, then this is fine, but for me it was a kind of stressful experience. And it wasn’t even during high season!

The gorge itself was beautiful and I tried not to get too many people on my pictures.

Some basic facts about the place!

  1. Length: 1.6 km (we went back and forth, plus the walk from the parking spot, which was just maybe 10 minutes)
  2.  Discovered in 1891
  3. Has Slovenia’s largest water fall!
  4. The name sounds like it’s from a fantasy novel (Ok, that’s not a fact, but my opionion)


I think the entrance fee was about 5 Euros, I can’t find the exact amount online (some say 4 Euros, some say 5).

I didn’t want to turn this into a rant about mass tourism, but I am seriously considering to go to more remote places in the future. Also, I feel bad when ranting, because, of course everyone on this planet deserves to see the beautiful places that I want to see! I can’t expect to go to a gorgeous (ha, see what I did!) place and then be alone. BUT there are many, many beautiful places on this planet, where there aren’t masses, there is more or less untouched nature.

I will show you now the great views of Vintgar Gorge!











Waterfall Sum at the end, had to wait some time until the big rock was empty (people taking pictures there)


I feel as fake as the people on the Instagram now, taking pictures that make it look like it’s untouched nature and not many tourists! But don’t be fooled, there was a lot of selfie taking going on (Nothing against selfie taking, if it’s a few of them, it doesn’t need to be hundreds, though).

I found a couple that had a similar experience at the gorge: Jet Setting Fools and to be honest, this looks WAY worse than it did when we went there!

Soon I will write about my trip to another gorge, where there was maybe like 20-30 altogether, so it was very nice!


Have a nice day!


Hiking in Strunjan Nature Park, Slovenia

Hello readers,

in the beginning of May this year my boyfriend and I went to Slovenia, to Portoroz to be exact. In the tourist information we found a map that included some nice hikes around the area and that’s how we found out about Strunjan Nature Park.

We went there by car and had to pay for parking (I think it was a Euro per hour, so not very expensive). We had some trouble finding the right path for hiking, there were signs, but between the signs (they were numbered), there was no further information (or at least we didn’t see any). We helped ourselves with our phone navigation in the end.


Lake at the beginning of the hike

At the lake (which was close to the parking spot) we went along on the left. There was also the possibility to walk around the lake, which we didn’t do.


We started at this point and then basically did the whole thing backwards, going close to number 14.




Up the hill the views started to become really, really nice! Also the weather was perfect.







After walking on top of the hill we arrived back at the sea, with beautiful views. From then on, our main concern was how to get down to do some swimming, because we could spot people from up there.





Useful information about the nature in the area was on signs like this one on the path.


Finally we found the way down and happily went there. The path was steep, but it wasn’t hard to get down.


We spent some time at the beach (there weren’t many people, but I’ve read that there are many more in the summer time).


If we weren’t in a bit of a hurry because of the parking, we would have stayed there much longer, but it was still very, very nice and peaceful.






All in all it was a great hike, one that I’d definitely do again, if given the chance! It took us about 2 hours, but walking time was only about an hour.